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product arrow Trigger Yongnuo RF-603


Trigger Yongnuo RF-603

Trigger Yongnuo RF-603 merupakan Transceiver, di mana Receiver = Transmitter

- Bisa berfungsi sebagai trigger
- Bisa berfungsi sebagai release shutter
- Di atas transmitter bisa dipasang flash 

Stok kosong, lihat RF-603 MKII


- Flash synchronizing speed: up to 1/320s (depends on camera / flash model)
- 2.4GHz band/16 selectable operating frequencies for eliminating interference
- Triggers both flash units and studio strobes. Multiple flash strobes are supported.
- Up to 100 meters remote range
- The "Wake Up" function supports Canon/Nikon flashguns with sleep mode


-Shutter Release: half-way Focus and full-way press Shutter, B mode
-Shutter Interface: 2.5mm socket
-Studio light interface: standard PC socket
-Battery: 2 x AAA batteries per transceiver (Not included in the package)
-Stand-by time: up to 45 hours (AAA battery)
-Size: 37mmx30mmx81.5mm


- RF603TX transmitter
- RF603RX receiver
- Shutter release cable
- Manual book

Harga 1 Set: 400rb
Harga Receiver/Transmitter: 210rb
Garansi: 1 Bulan


Compatible List:

RF-603 C1
Canon 300D/350D/400D/450D/500D/550D/600D/650D/1000D/1100D/60D/All Pentax

RF-603 C3
Canon 10D/20D/30D/40D/50D/5D/7D/1D series/1Ds series

RF-603 N1
Nikon D100/D200/D300/D700/S3 Pro/S5 Pro/D1 series/D2 series/D3 series

RF-603 N2
Nikon D70/D70s/D80

RF-603 N3
Nikon D/3100/D3200/D90/D5000/D5100/D7000